About Us

The first water supplied to the residents inside the city limits of Lynchburg, TN was furnished by Mr. Lem Motlow, Proprietor Jack Daniel Distillery, through a small steel pipe from the cave spring located on Jack Daniel Distillery property. In 1963, the Lynchburg Water Department was established, and the water plant had a maximum production of 100 gallons per minute, serving a population of 361.

The Lynchburg Sewer System was completed in 1970, serving the city of Lynchburg.

The growth of the area required the expansion of the Water Plant to 200 GPM in 1972. An agreement was made in 1978 to acquire raw water from Tims Ford Lake to supplement the raw water intake at Mulberry Creek between the City of Lynchburg and Jack Daniel Distillery.

On Nov. 17, 1987, Metropolitan Lynchburg Moore County was voted into law as the governing body of the entire boundary of Moore County and Lynchburg Water & Sewer became Metro Utility Department.

In 1996, the Water Plant was once again doubled in size to produce 400 GPM.

In 2008, the water plant was doubled to produce 800 GPM. Currently, we serve approximately 2300 active water customers and 309 sewer customers.