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Metro Utilities Department

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Application for Employment

Job Description: Utility Manager


  • Must have strong organizational and personnel management skills to ensure teamwork, optimal performance and efficient MUD operations.
  • Must have the ability to manage and continuously improve the services and financial health of the Metro Utility Department.
  • Able to work independently, plan and prioritize
  • Have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Alliance/United Systems.
  • Must be able to work required schedule and/or circumstances. This includes nights, weekends and holidays.
  • The Utility Board prefers that the Utility Manager have at least one of the following certifications:
    • Water Treatment III
    • Waste Water III
    • Water Distribution II
  • Must participate in all training sessions and be willing to obtain certifications required.
  • Must be able to accept responsibilities, especially where the public health is involved.
  • Utility management experience with at least six (6) years of responsible experience in a supervisory/management position

The Utility Manager's job consists of the following but not limited to:


  • Plan, organize, direct and review the operations of the Metro Utility Department, which is overseen by the Utility Board.
  • Manage, supervise and participate in a wide range of maintenance and repair related projects.
  • Oversee and manage infrastructure for water and sewer, fleet and equipment, as well as, base facilities.
  • Infiltration/Inflow prevention in the Wastewater System
  • Provide preventative maintenance schedule for the Water and Wastewater Systems.
  • Assists Utility Board in development of Capital Improvement Program with 5 and 10 year projections.
  • Responsible for all reports required by the county, state and federal agencies. (e.g. - CCR Report, Water Loss)
  • Develop and implement job and safety training
  • Maintain OSHA compliance.
  • Perform cost analysis to maintain a solid fund balance
  • Project prioritization and recommendations to the Utility Board for approval.
  • Create employee development strategies for cross training
  • Evaluate staff's performance and prepare performance evaluations annually.
  • Assign or approve work schedules for all departments.
  • Hire, terminate and supervise all personnel.
  • Prepare and maintain the budget each Fiscal Year for/per Board approval.
  • Administer the Utility Department's Policy as outlined in the Policy Manual and set forth by the Utility Board.
  • Provide factual information to Utility Board for purposes of decision-making.
  • Serves as liaison with other Metro Governmental agencies, public entities and other State and Federal departments.
  • Consistently work for the total improvement and safety of the Utility Department as well as all customers.
  • Follow all laws, rules and regulations as determined by the Division of Water Resources.